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California Life Style® Wines and Food Pairings

Chardonnay (Shar-doe-nay)

This popular dry white wine is more full bodied than other white wines. Chardonnay has aromas of fruits and acidity. The aroma typically has flavors of lemon or grapefruit. Fermentation in new oak barrels results in a rich, buttery taste often described as toastiness, vanilla, apple, nutty, or toffee. Chardonnays aged in French oak result in a milder flavor than those aged in American oak.

Food and Wine Pairing: Chardonnay goes well with chicken, seafood, and fish.

Origin: Chardonnay is one of the types of wine that originated from the Burgundy area of France. There are many world-class Chardonnays being produced in California.

Cabernet Sauvignon (Ca-burr-nay So-veen-yawn)

Cabernet Sauvignon is a rich full-bodied red wine. Aged in oak, this is a complex wine with cassis and blackberry flavors as well as hints of bell pepper. To make these wines drinkable sooner they are often blended with other grapes. French Bordeaux is mostly Cabernet Sauvignon blended with Merlot to soften the tannins. When blended with Merlot and perhaps Cabernet Franc as well, this Bordeaux style blend is called Meritage in the United States.

Wine and Food Pairings Cabernet Sauvignon is the classic wine to serve with red meats.

Origin Cabernet Sauvignon is a well known grape of Bordeaux, France. Superb Cabernets are being produced in California (especially the Napa Valley), Washington, Italy, Australia, and Chile.

Gewurztraminer (Gah-vurtz-tra-meener)

Gewurztraminer has a spicy aroma and fruity flavors of peach, apricot, tropical fruits, and lychee. It can be a dry or sweet white wine.

Food and Wine Pairing: This type of wine goes especially well with spicy Asian dishes and pork sausages.

Origin: Gewurztraminer is one of the types of wine that comes from France. Fantastic Gewurztraminers are produced today in Germany, New York, Washington, and California.

Merlot (Mare-lo)

Merlot is softer tasting than Cabernet Sauvignon due to having less tannins. It is a smooth, dry red wine. Merlot is often described as having the flavors of boysenberry, black cherry, herbs, and mocha.

Wine and Food Pairings: Merlot is best with poultry and grilled meats, but these types of wines actually goes well with most foods.

Origin Merlot originates from Bordeaux in France where it is the most commonly planted grape. You can find many great Merlots from California, Oregon, and Washington.

Pinot Grigio (Pea-no-gree-zhe-oh)

Pinot Grigio is light and crispy with almond, lemon, and vanilla flavors. These wines are also called Pinot Gris.

Food and Wine Pairing: This type of wine goes well with seafood and salmon.

Origin: Pinot Grigio originated in Burgandy long ago but is often considered an Italian wine. The grapes prefer a cold climate, which is why Oregon is able to produce delicious Pinot Grigio.

Pinot Noir (Pee-no Na-wahr)

Pinot Noir is a smooth silky red wine that is extremely fruity. It is characterized with aromas and flavors of black cherry or rose petals along with hints of spiciness or herbal qualities. Pinot Noirs are enjoyed for their soft velvety texture. High in alcohol, they are full bodied but not heavy.

Food and Wine Pairing: This type of wine is best served with grilled salmon, roast beef, lamb, duck, and mushrooms.

Origin Burgandy, France is the area most recognized for its Pinot Noir. These types of wine are also being produced in California, Oregon, British Columbia, and New Zealand.

Riesling (Rees-ling)

Rieslings have a floral aroma. They range from very dry and crisp to intensely sweet depending on where it is from. German Riesling is slightly sweet and balanced with some acidity. California Riesling tends to be sweeter.

Food and Wine Pairing: This type of wine goes well with chicken, fish, pork, and spicy foods.

Origin: Rieslings is one of the types of wine that originate from Germany. Great Rieslings are also produced in New York, Washington, California, and Australia.


Rose wine is a sweet, off-dry wine that is pink in color and is produced from red grape varietals. It is popular in countries such as Spain and Italy. Rose wine is most suitable for warmer weather conditions and is very versatile when it comes to food pairings.

Food and Wine Pairing: meats that are rich in spices and of Italian origin, such as pancetta and prosciutto. You can also pair rose wine with cooked and seasoned Italian sausage or thin slices of baked ham on top of a toasted baguette. For leaner meats to pair with your wine, consider slices of chicken and seafood items such as crab, mahi mahi, grilled tuna or smoked trout. Rose wine can be paired with a wide variety of cheeses and what you decide to eat with your wine depends on your personal preference. Rose wine goes well with cream-style cheeses such as fromage blanc and cottage cheese. For lighter fare, try pairing your rose wine with fresh fruits and vegetables. You can make a salad using leafy greens, avocados, fresh tomatoes, carrots and tofu to enjoy alongside your wine. There are several kinds of foreign cuisine that pair well with a glass of rose wine. Some Asian-style dishes that you can enjoy with your wine include Chinese barbecued pork, chow fun and egg rolls. Mexican foods such as chips and salsa, chicken enchiladas and chicken tamales also pair well with rose wine. Indian cuisine that includes samosas, pakoras and tandoori chicken or fish is also an acceptable companion to rose wine.

Sangiovese (San-gee-oh-ve-zee)

Sangiovese is a medium bodied dry red wine with earthy aromas and berry, plum, spicy, or floral flavors. It has a smooth texture. Sangiovese is the main grape used to produce Italian Chiantis.

Food and Wine Pairing: Sangiovese goes especially well with pasta and other Italian foods.

Origin: Sangiovese grapes is one of the types of wines that came from the Tuscany region of Italy. California is making some delicious Sangiovese as well.

Sauvignon Blanc

Sauvignon Blanc is a green-skinned grape variety which originates from the Bordeaux region of France. The grape most likely gets its name from the French word sauvage ("wild") and blanc ("white") due to its early origins as an indigenous grape in South West France.[1], a possible descendant of savagnin. Sauvignon blanc is planted in many of the world's wine regions, producing a crisp, dry, and refreshing white varietal wine. The grape is also a component of the famous dessert wines from Sauternes and Barsac. Sauvignon Blanc is widely cultivated in France, Chile, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, South Africa, Brazil, Moldova and California. Some California Sauvignon Blanc's are also called "Fume Blanc", this is often perceived to be a different type of wine. 

Sauvignon Blanc is a quintessential white wine calling for white meats (from fish and shellfish to chicken and pork). The wine's typically crisp acidic edge and moderately medium weight does not lend itself to anything beyond that (it does not "cross over" into red meats). The lean taste profile of Sauvignon Blanc also does not lend itself well to dishes containing disproportionate amounts of butter or cream (use only with balancing ingredients like lemon and capers, lest the wine turns unpleasantly sharp and the dish too fatty or oily). While the finest Sauvignon Blancs are replete with qualities of sweet melon (and sometimes citrus or fig), the varietal's propensity towards nuances of green herbs, cut grass or weeds in the aroma and flavor make it a natural with dishes utilizing leafy green herbs (parsley, basil, chervil and cilantro), and to a more limited extent, the more strongly scented herbs (rosemary, thyme, marjoram and oregano).

Syrah (Sah-ra)

Syrah is a hearty red wine noted for its complexity of aromas and flavors including raspberry, plum, smoke, and white pepper. It is a dark red wine, sometimes almost black in color. This wine is also called Shiraz.

Food and Wine Pairing:This type of wine is wonderful eaten with duck, wild game, steak, prime ribs and roast beef.

Origin:Syrah is one of many types of wine that is believed to originate from France. There are great Syrahs produced in France, Australia, South Africa, and California.

Zinfandel (Zin-fan-del)

Zinfandel can be light to full bodied. It can be rich and spicy or lighter and fruitier. Aromas and flavors that are typical include raspberry, jam, black pepper, and licorice.

Food and Wine Pairing:This type of red wine is wonderful with steaks, grilled meats, prime ribs, roast beef and tomato based dishes.

Origin: It is believe that Zinfandel originated in Croatia. It has been grown in California since the 1850s with California Zinfandels generally considered to be the best.


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